Vignette 1

In vivo Data

         Effective scaffolding followed by programmed dismantling at around 3 months to enable positive remodeling and safe complete resorption within 24 months   Key facts : Prevent acute and chronic recoil Transient and effective scaffolding Allow the artery to remodel after the scaffold dismantles Black boxes turning white is driven by the polymer[…]

Tech in vitro data

In vitro Data

  Above graph demonstrates the rapid molecular weight (Mw) loss of the ART proprietary polymer and the strong in vitro – in vivo data correlation.   Key facts : Fast initial Mw loss slowing down, thus controlling polymer degradation related late stage inflammation Strong in vivo – in vitro correlation, validating test methods Proprietary scaffold[…]

Tech healthy healing

Healthy Healing

  Above graph has been established in collaboration with the renowned Dr Virmani from CVPath and underlines how healthy healing is enabled by bioresorbable scaffold dismantling following molecular weight (Mw) loss and preceding mass loss.   Key facts :  Allow natural physiological healing and remodeling processes to proceed

Core Technology

Proven, tunable early Programmed Dismantling (3 months) followed by a fast and safe Resorption (24 months): unique proprietary PLA polymer formula Safe Delivery and Tracking: outstanding scaffold retention enabled by patented 1-to-1 mapping™ crimping technologyGood Apposition and Radial Force without Fracture: natural polymer chain orientation combined with controlled physical crosslinking enabled through patented transformation process Robust[…]

Vignette 4


  The ART PBS is expanded following balloon pre-dilatation of the lesion, after the effective scaffolding period of 3 months, the scaffold dismantles and releases the artery.   Key facts : Unique PLA properties and scaffold design Programmed, precise dismantling Relieve artery from mechanical stresses